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Introduction to the structure level of energy consumption monitoring system
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  The energy monitoring system is divided into four layers:

  The first layer is the equipment layer, including: power instrumentation, microcomputer relay protection, photovoltaic inverter, intelligent switch, fault and wave recording equipment, temperature inspection equipment, DC screen, etc.

  The second layer is the acquisition layer. Through the pre-communication management machine, the devices in the area collect and transmit data through the communication interface and protocol, and transmit data to the upper layer through the standard Ethernet interface.


  The third layer is the transport layer. The switch sets up the network and transmits the data of each area through the network. The common ones are star network, ring network, etc. The link medium has twisted pair and fiber, twisted pair. Only regional networks within 200 meters can be set up, while optical fibers are not limited by distance. It is possible to build complex, long-distance transport layer network media.

  The fourth layer is the display layer. Through the monitoring software, it provides a graphical rendering effect, and displays the running data of the system. In addition to the display, it also provides fault information collection, fault reproduction, historical data, waveform analysis, and operation log. Operation management and other functions. In addition to the monitoring center, it also provides real-time and data presentation to managers through WEB, mobile APP and other means.


  In order to ensure the safe operation of the energy consumption monitoring system and to understand the operation status of the energy consumption monitoring system, it is necessary to perform real-time detection on various operating parameters of the energy consumption monitoring system. The energy monitoring system has successfully and efficiently completed this task. The power monitoring system has become an important part of the automation of the power system and has become one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of the power system.

  The energy consumption monitoring system uses the computer, metering protection device and bus technology to centrally manage the real-time data, switch status and remote control of the medium and low voltage power distribution system. The power monitoring system can provide “monitoring integration” for enterprises. Overall solution.


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