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What are the setting rules for electrical fire monitoring systems?
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  First, the electrical fire monitoring system should be set according to the nature of the building, the risk of electrical fires and the level of protection objects.

  2. The electrical fire monitoring system shall include some or all of the following monitoring equipment:

  1. Electrical fire monitoring equipment;

  2. Residual current type electrical fire monitoring detector;


  3. Temperature-measuring electrical fire monitoring detector;

  4, linear temperature fire detector.

  Third, the location of the electrical fire should be tested according to the size of the project and the need to determine whether to use independent or non-independent detectors.

  Fourth, the form and installation position of the electrical fire monitoring detector should be determined according to the specific conditions of electrical laying and electrical equipment.


  5. In the absence of a fire control room and the number of electrical fire monitoring detectors does not exceed eight, an independent electrical fire monitoring detector can be used.

  6. The setting of the electrical fire monitoring system shall not affect the normal operation of the power supply system.


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