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Acrel-2000 intelligent power distribution system
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  1 Overview

  The Acrel-2000 client intelligent power distribution system is a series of products suitable for power supply monitoring and operation management in various industries. It improves power supply reliability and supply through uninterrupted protection and monitoring of user power distribution networks and electrical equipment. The automation level of the distribution system to achieve a reliable, safe, advanced and efficient power supply and distribution system.

  The Acrel-2000 client intelligent power distribution system can establish a power supply network simulation model, simulate the power distribution network operation, monitor faults, and realize unattended mode. When the power distribution fails, the system can remove the fault in the fastest time, protect the primary equipment and reduce the power outage range. For the faulty part, it can help the operation personnel analyze the fault cause, quickly find and eliminate the fault, and minimize the power outage time. For the case of a backup power supply or a backup device, the backup power supply or equipment can be selectively and automatically used in a short period of time to improve the reliability of the system power supply. In addition, the system also provides a large number of analytical statistical tools such as graphs and reports to help managers improve operational efficiency. Suitable for customer supply and distribution systems with voltage levels from 35kV to 0.4kV.

  2, reference standard

  u GB/T 2887-2011 "General Specification for Computer Sites"

  u GB/T 13729-2002 "Remote Terminal Equipment"

  u GB50052-2009 "Design Specification for Power Supply and Distribution System"

  u JGJ16-2008 "Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings"

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  3. Several power supply modes for the user terminal

  According to the load type, capacity and power supply network area of ??the user, different power supply modes can be adopted, mainly the following.

  3.1 Single power supply

  If the user does not have more than three levels of load, it can be powered by a single power supply. This type of power supply is economical, but the power supply reliability is not high. Once the power supply loses power, it will cause all power outages. Applicable to users who do not require high reliability of power supply. The primary wiring and protection configuration are as follows. This type of power distribution network automation system can be implemented in standard mode, see 4

  3.2 Dual power supply

  When the user has two or more loads, it needs to use dual power supply. The dual power supply design should be taken from different power sources. When one power supply is overhauled or faulty, the other power supply should be able to supply power normally, and it can meet all three levels of load power.

  When using a main-supply dual-supply power supply, the busbar can be connected by single-segment segmentation. The standby power supply is automatically put into the device at the bus-coupled circuit breaker. Once the main power supply is de-energized, it can be switched to the standby power supply instantaneously. And the protection configuration is as shown above. In addition to the mother-in-law protection measurement and control function, the mother-linked protection device AM5-B also has a self-injection function such as incoming line mutual investment and parent-supplied self-injection. This type of power supply is suitable for manufacturers or units that interrupt power supply and may cause large economic losses.

  3.3 Dual power supply with self-contained power supply

  There is a very important primary load in the user load. When the power supply is interrupted for a certain period of time, which may lead to life-threatening situations such as explosion, poisoning, suffocation, etc., in addition to dual power supply, an independent self-contained emergency power supply should be configured as a separate emergency. The power supply system and the emergency power supply may be diesel generators or batteries according to the response time requirement. This type of power distribution is suitable for emergency lighting, fire protection in hospitals and public buildings, and factories and mines that may cause life-threatening problems.


  4. Typical networking solution

  1) Standard mode

  Suitable for protection and installation where the installation is relatively concentrated, the distance between the device and the monitoring computer is less than 300 meters. This networking method

  Simple, reliable, economical and practical, and easy to expand, it is the most common networking method.

  2) Fiber Star Ethernet

  Fiber-optic star Ethernet is suitable for large-area, decentralized power supply and distribution systems, such as intelligent distribution systems in large-scale factories and commercial plazas, including a total downconversion station or switchgear and multiple 10kV substations. In order to improve system reliability, the station-level control layer Ethernet and fieldbus can be designed with dual network redundancy.


  3) Fiber ring network

  Like fiber-optic Ethernet, fiber-optic ring networks are also suitable for large-area distributed distribution networks, especially for linear distribution of intelligent distribution systems such as highways, subways, and tunnel monitoring.

  5, Acrel-2000 intelligent power distribution system technical indicators

  1 system capacity:

  Analog quantity: ≥8000 points

  State quantity: ≥10000 points

  Remote control: ≥500 points

  Calculated amount: ≥2000 points

  2 system real-time

  The measurement and control device analog quantity is more dead zone transmission time (to the station control layer): ≤ 2 seconds

  Measurement and control device status quantity displacement transmission time (to the station control layer): ≤ 1 second

  Measurement and control device analog information response time (from I/O input to station control layer): ≤ 3 seconds

  Measurement and control device status quantity information response time (from I/O input to station control layer): ≤ 2 seconds

  Time from manual generation to output of manual control command: ≤ 1 second

  3 screen full response response time

  Real time screen: ≤ 1 second

  Other pictures: ≤ 2 seconds

  4 screen real-time data refresh cycle

  Analog quantity: ≤ 3 seconds

  Switching quantity: ≤ 2 seconds

  5 In-station sequence of events (SOE) resolution: ≤ 2 ms

  6 Remote correct rate: >99.99%

  7 monitoring system CPU average load rate

  Under normal conditions (within 30 minutes) ≤ 20% Under accident conditions (within any 10s) ≤ 40%

  8 Monitoring system network average load rate

  Under normal conditions (within 30 minutes) ≤ 20% Under accident conditions (within any 10s) ≤ 40%

  9 Telemetry pass rate: >98%

  10 system availability

  The system adopts dual-machine redundancy configuration, and any single server failure will not affect the normal operation of the system.

  Dual-machine failover time (from failure to full recovery of all functions) ≤30s

  System availability: stand-alone >99.0%, dual-machine >99.98%.

  11 System reliability

  System service life ≥10 years

  Station control layer mean time between failure (MTBF) ≥ 25000 hours

  Interval layer mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥ 30,000 hours

  12 clock synchronization system timing accuracy: ≤ 1ms

  13 Historical curve sampling interval: adjustable from 1min to 30min

  14 Accident Remembrance (PDR): 1 min before the accident, 5 min after the accident

  6, Acrel-2000 intelligent power distribution system software function

  The Acrel-2000 Intelligent Power Distribution System is a Windows-based application that runs on Windows XP/2000/NT environments. The software has SCADA functions such as telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment, which provides a powerful system integration tool for the automated operation of the user-side power distribution system. The main functions of the software are as follows:

  Real-time data acquisition and processing

  The electrical parameters and state quantities of each circuit are collected using a locally installed microcomputer protection device and a multi-function power meter. The data collected to the system is displayed in real time on the main interface graphic or telemetry interface, and can also be statistically analyzed according to requirements, and various alarms and statistical calculations of various qualification rates are generated.

  Event alarm

  The telemetry over-limit, normal remote signal displacement, accident displacement, SOE, protection information, remote control records, operation records and other information are centrally managed, and event records are categorized for recording. Important alarm information, such as accident alarms, protection actions, etc., pop-up text display, instant printing, and voice notification.

  Control operation

  The remote control operation is performed on the display screen of the operation object, and has anti-misoperation measures such as operator, password, authority, multiple internal check functions, and operator login to ensure the correctness of the remote operation. The control level from high to low is in situ, station monitoring, and remote scheduling. The three control levels are interlocked with each other, and only one level of control is allowed at the same time.

  Graphic display function

  Graphic display: including electrical main wiring diagram (total screen, sub-picture), voltage bar diagram, load curve diagram, pie chart, meter diagram, trend diagram and table function. Screen types include main wiring diagram, operation display, configuration display, alarm and various table displays and related printing. The software displays the collected data in the human-machine interface in a form that can be intuitively understood by users such as numbers, texts, graphics, and voices.

  Statistics, reporting, and printing capabilities

  Provide flexible report generation tools to automatically generate various reports according to operational requirements: time report, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, quarterly report, annual report, including current, voltage, power, frequency, power and various sums, The result value of the algebraic calculation of the difference. Calls can be called for all types of reports.

  Accident recall

  The system has an accident recollection function. When an accident occurs, it can replay the important parameters of the system 1 minute before the accident and 5 minutes after the accident. Accurate and intuitive analysis of the accident, find hidden dangers of the power supply system, quickly locate the fault, and restore the power supply in time.

  Operation management

  Including system security management, operation management, user rights management, device management, and so on. The system supports multi-level passwords. Login, logout, and operation all require corresponding permissions. Different passwords are provided for engineers and operators, and time stamps are recorded for all system operations.

  Protection setting management

  The software has the function of protecting fixed value uploading and downloading. It can remotely display the returning status and setting of the protection function, and can modify the control word and setting value remotely through the computer. It requires password authorization and record.

  Client load management

  The monitoring software can monitor the load of the client in real time, and the maximum demand for controlling the user load does not exceed the purchase limit. When the actual demand approaches or exceeds the demand limit, the operator is notified by alarm.

  Electronic map import

  Support GIS electronic map import, realize the position of each substation in the graphical display area, and click directly on the map of the substation on the map to directly enter the substation monitoring interface.

  Communication compatible function

  Widely support the equipment communication protocol of mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad, can easily access the protection equipment and other related intelligent equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers, system support and other system interfaces, such as BAS, DCS, etc.

  WEB browsing and remote maintenance

  The software provides WEB service, and the client can view various interfaces and parameters of the monitoring system through the IE browser of the remote PC.

  7. Selection of Acrel-2000 intelligent power distribution system

  In a 35kV customer-side power supply and distribution system, the AM5 and AM7 series of protection and monitoring devices can fully meet the protection and measurement control requirements of the substation.

  Microcomputer protection configuration scheme

  Symbol code function comparison table

  AM series protection has the above functions, but it is not limited to the above functions. In more complex power supply and distribution networks, AM series microcomputer protection can be configured with more complex protection function combinations. The detailed function combinations are shown in the following table.

  AM series protection and monitoring device function list

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