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AKH-L zero sequence current transformer
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  I. Overview

  This series of zero-sequence current transformers is suitable for indoor grounding, rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 35kV and below in small grounding current system for three-phase cable grounding protection, can also be used with relays, this type of current transformer is Open type, epoxy resin casting structure, the transformer can be divided into two halves during installation, and the cable is integrated into one, which is very convenient to install.

  Two model description

  Three dimensions

  Four technical parameters

  1. The primary insulation of this series of zero-sequence current transformer is guaranteed by cable. The product only evaluates the insulation performance of the secondary winding, and the secondary winding can withstand the 3 kV power frequency withstand voltage.

  2. The rated current ratio, accuracy level and rated output are shown in the table below.

  3. When used with the relay, the zero-sequence current of this type of transformer meets the requirements of the following table:

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