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Shandong Coalfield Geological Bureau Power Monitoring System
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Power Monitoring System of Shandong Coalfield Geological Bureau

  Project Location: Jinan

  Implementation time: 2015

Project Description:

  Jinan Comprehensive Service Center of Shandong Coalfield Geology Bureau is located in the north of Jingshi East Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, east of Xingcun Overpass and west of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. The construction area is 50,000 square meters. The project is a 22-story office building on the ground. Renovated with 2 floors of basement, containing more than 1000 parking spaces, the main body is frame shear structure.

  The project monitoring scope of the coal field geological bureau Jinan Integrated Service Center power distribution room, through the installation of Ankerui PZ series multi-function meters to meet their energy metering needs. Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. equipped it with a set of Acrel-2000 power monitoring system in 2015. The field control layer equipment adopts the shielded twisted pair cable to access the communication management machine through the RS485 bus mode, and the communication management machine collects the collected data. Transfer to Ethernet and transfer to the monitoring layer network switch. The monitoring layer network switch is the main artery of the entire system data. The monitoring computer reads the data of the field control layer device from the Ethernet and displays it in the human machine interface in real time and stores it in the database for calculation and report call. By constructing a system network, real-time monitoring of the electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power, and switch state of each circuit in the substation, thereby achieving intelligent management of the substation with few people on duty or unattended.

System implemented functions:

  1. Display the network diagram of the entire power monitoring system, and dynamically refresh and display the real-time operating parameters on each main wiring diagram;

  2. Record key electrical parameters such as current, frequency and power in real time, so that managers can conduct regular analysis on power quality;

  3. Through the measurement of the energy of each distribution circuit, it is clear that the specific direction of the electric energy provides a data basis for the later energy-saving management;

  4. The real-time limit alarm of the important loop electrical parameters, through the autonomous setting of the limit to ensure the reliability of the power supply in the service center;

  5. Independently define the privilege level of non-stop users to achieve hierarchical management of the system.

  6. Have a memory function for various historical data for easy to query, review and print.

  7. Complete maintenance function, allowing system management engineers to diagnose, manage, maintain and expand the system online

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